Our Projects

The Foundation has already acquired a substantial amount of land with the full support and blessings of the local Cheifs/elders of the Bowiri Traditional Area,in the Volta Region of Ghana.


This will serve as the hub of most of the operations and spread to other communities south of the Sahara.

The Foundation will focus on projects that will adress malnutrition and nutrient defficiencies  by growng and teaching others how to grow food organically.

We will introduce or expand Dairy Goat  farming for meat and milk and milk products.

The cultivation of plantations of Moringa Oleifera trees will be given serious attention.This is a plant that has  over 300 benefits including:

  • NUTRITIONAL: Organic source of essential proteins and vitamins for humans and animals.
  • MEDICAL:Treatment of cancer and HIV/AIDS,blood presure and more
  • WATER PURIFICATION:The drinking water in most developing countries is tainted and and the cake extract from the seed is effective in reducing about 90% of bacteria without chemicals.

          This benefit alone gives me reason to shout. Wow !!!!!

  • BIO GAS: Methane gas can be processed from the leaves  and more